Horizon DXA System

Hologic, the pioneer in X-ray based bone densitometry, takes advanced health
assessment to a new level with the Horizon™ DXA System. This multi-faceted system
helps clinicians assess bone health, body composition and cardiovascular risk —
critical elements that will help patients keep life in motion.
The Horizon DXA System features the latest innovations in bone densitometry
technology; including a new digital high resolution ceramic detector array, as well as
a new high frequency X-ray Generator. When paired with our exclusive OnePass™
true fan-beam acquisition geometry, Horizon delivers rapid, dual-energy bone
density measurements in a single-sweep, eliminating beam overlap errors and image
distortion found in rectilinear acquisition techniques.

Discovery Series Bone Densitometers

Discovery™ is the single platform you need to support a broad spectrum of patients over a lifetime of care. It allows you to assess not only vertebral fractures, but also provides visualization of abdominal aortic calcifications with a single scan. By providing you the best diagnostic tools to support the early detection and treatment of osteoporosis, Discovery offers the most comprehensive platform for complete bone health assessment, obesity and more - now and in the future.


Sahara Series Bone Densitometers

Hologic's flagship stereotactic biopsy device, ATEC ®, allows for confidence in each procedure.With simple one minute set-up and clean-up and tissue acquisition occurring every 4.5 seconds, procedure time with ATEC is incomparable. Patients and clinicians are at the forefront design with a fully closed system, fluid management and consistent acquisition of high quality tissue tissue samples.

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