Clarity CT dose reduction and image optimization

Sapheneia´s Clarity solutions enable low dose scanning while simultaneously optimizing image quality.   Clarity is an FDA-cleared, vendor-neutral, cost-effective solution that seamlessly integrates with your workflow and is compatible with all CT scanner makes and models.  Clarity improves patient safety and directly addresses the growing concern among healthcare providers and patients associated with medical imaging radiation.  To date, Sapheneia’s reference sites have achieved between 30% and 80% reduction in effective radiation dose!

 Adult Chest CT example - "before and after" Sapheneia Clarity








Clarity enabled an 80% dose reduction while simultaneously improving image quality (reduced noise and enhanced contrast).

How does it work?

Clarity is server-based and seamlessly integrates into your existing DICOM network.  During installation of the Clarity solution, dose-optimized protocols are established on the CT scanner(s) to deliver desired image quality at reduced dose levels.  Low dose images are transferred from the CT scanner to a Clarity server that resides on your DICOM network.  Based on desired results that have been pre-determined by your Radiology staff, Clarity algorithms enhance image quality and automatically route the final images to their intended destinations.

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