INFINITT North America

Radiology PACS

INFINITT PACS is a completely web-based suite of image visualization and management tools, running on a 64-bit processor for fast image loading.


Cardiology PACS

INFINITT Cardiology PACS is a web-based suite of image visualization, clinical and reporting tools tools for Cardiology, Cardiovascular and Vascular Imaging, EKG, and Nuclear Medicine. Can be used as a standalone system, or fully integrated with Radiology PACS/Enterprise Database, consolidating data for the EHR.



INFINITT 3D is built on advanced technology that provides real-time, interactive and comprehensive diagnostic tools. 2D editing and segmentation, MPR,  3D  volume rendering, MIP/MinIP and Endoscopy views.



INFINITT RIS is a web-based Radiology Information System that’s comprehensive, customizable and secure.  It includes workflow-enhancing features, designed from the user’s point of view.


Orthopedic PACS

INFINITT Orthopedic PACS provides access to digital orthopedic images for diagnosis, comparison & analysis, surgical planning, archiving, reporting and distribution.

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