Konica Minolta

AeroDR XE Wireless Digital Radiography System

Easy to use, stable, and powerful imaging solutions are paramount when examining acutely ill patients in demanding environments, such as ER/Trauma rooms, ICU/CCU units, or at the bedside. You can depend on the lightweight and versatile AeroDR XE for all your portable X-ray exams. With the best weight to load ratio, bend resistance and liquid resistance in the market, AeroDR XE is built to last so you can image patients worry free.




AeroDR Wireless Digital Radiography System

AeroDR delivers low-dose, high-quality images from the world's lightest DR detector.  The 17"x17" and 14"x17" wireless detector panels utilize a unique carbon-fiber material to deliver reliable performance even after substantial shock or load.  Images are transferred wirelessly to your DICOM network utilizing IEEE802.11a (5GHz).






ImagePilot CR is an innovative all-in-one digital radiography and medical imaging system, designed specifically for private practice facilities, that integrates a complete yet simple CR imaging workflow solution. ImagePilot CR makes the transition from analog to digital quick and effortless by combining multiple functions into one intuitive, easy-to-use system.



The IQue is the latest CR innovation from Konica Minolta. IQue is an intelligent, yet simple to use CR system that automatically recognizes each exam view and applies the processing algorithms appropriate for that image. IQue has a self-learning capability that routinely adjusts images to a user’s preference. Even technologists with no prior CR experience can generate optimized diagnostic images.


Nano CR

The Nano CR will satisfy a broad range of needs from those of a large hospital facility or imaging center, to that of a stand-alone clinic or surgery center. Whether it is networked with another Nano CR, an Xpress CR, or the REGIUS DR system, Nano CR delivers speed, workflow, and redundancy.












The DRYPRO is the perfect dry film imager to complement your imaging department and your transition to digital. With superior image quality, versatility, performance, and a compact design, the DRYPRO meets the demanding hardcopy requirements of today's evolving, efficiency-driven imaging departments.

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