R2 ImageChecker Digital CAD

R2™ ImageChecker® CAD (computer-aided detection) has transformed the practice of mammography by helping radiologists read analog and digital mammograms. ImageChecker CAD identifies regions-of-interest on mammography images and brings them to the attention of the radiologist in order to decrease false negative readings. ImageChecker CAD was the first FDA approved mammography computer-aided detection system and has maintained a market leading position by consistently delivering the best detection performance available.


R2 Digital Now HD Film Digitizer

DigitalNow™ HD provides two new ways to combine a new software innovation with Hologic's digitizing platforms, which provide the capability to scan films for soft-copy review and make it possible to archive images for future use. DigitalNow HD adapts each digitized film image to a selected contrast and tissue intensity that models a digital mammography system. DigitalNow HD software is the only FDA-cleared application intended to process digitized screen-film mammograms, and should be used for comparison purposes only.

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