Our Team

Imaging Sales Specialists

Jennifer Barry
Sales Consultant
Western Kentucky & Southern Indiana
Mobile: 812-470-0071
Email: jbarry@alpha-imaging.com
Randy Barry
Senior Sales Consultant
Northern Indiana
Mobile: 317-408-9283
Email: rbarry@alpha-imaging.com
Jennifer Caldes
Sales Consultant
Eastern Pennsylvania
Mobile: 856-723-1103
Email: jcaldes@alpha-imaging.com
Chris Cass
Sales Consultant
Northern Indiana
Mobile: 574-303-2330
Email: ccass@alpha-imaging.com
Lynne Chadwick
Sales Consultatnt
Eastern Michigan
Office: 440-953-3800
Mobile: 586-817-0930
Email: lchadwick@alpha-imaging.com
Kevin D'Arco
Sales Consultant
Central Pennsylvania and Maryland
Mobile: 717-342-7642 
Email: kdarco@alpha-imaging.com
Jim Entinger
Sales Consultant
Central & Southern Ohio, Eastern KY, WV
Mobile: 614-381-8550
Email: jentinger@alpha-imaging.com
Paula Justice
Sales Consultant
Northern Ohio
Mobile: 330-842-2089
Email: pjustice@alpha-imaging.com
Brad Keane
Sales Consultant
Western PA and Northern West Virginia
Mobile: 724-513-4305
Email: bkeane@alpha-imaging.com
Kristi LeBeau
Sales Consultant
Central Indiana & Southwest Ohio
Mobile: 317-339-6688
Email: klebeau@alpha-imaging.com
Ray Mazzocchi
Sales Consultant
Central and Eastern Pennsylvania
Mobile: 814-880-2695
Email: rmazzocchi@alpha-imaging.com
Shaun Miller
Sales Consultant
Western Michigan
Mobile: 517-927-0096
Email: smiller@alpha-imaging.com
Mark Rackliffe
Manager of X-ray products
Mobile: 317-847-7313
Email: mrackliffe@alpha-imaging.com
Rick Ricchiuto
Senior Sales Consultant
Northern Ohio Region
Mobile: 440-478-9043
Email: rricchiuto@alpha-imaging.com
Drew Thompson
Sales Consultant
Central Ohio, Northern Kentucky
Mobile: 614-579-1858
Email: dthompson@alpha-imaging.com
Carl Tucker
Region Sales Manager
Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware
Mobile: 215-478-7822
Email: ctucker@alpha-imaging.com


Michael Perrico
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.116
Mobile: 440-478-8987
Fax: 440-953-1455
Email: mperrico@alpha-imaging.com
Kevin Smith
Vice President of Service
Office: 440-953-3800 ext 108
Mobile: 330-696-0004
Email: ksmith@alpha-imaging.com
Lance Ream
Chief Financial Officer
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.103
Email: lream@alpha-imaging.com


Bob Bond
Manager of Support Services
Mobile: 859-308-7829
Email: rbond@alpha-imaging.com
George Toth
Project Manager
Office: 440-953-3800 ext. 118
Mobile: 440-479-9578
Email: gtoth@alpha-imaging.com
Mike Bohn
Senior Project Specialist
Email: mikebohn@alpha-imaging.com


Marty Hanson
Manager of Business Operations
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.110
Email: mhanson@alpha-imaging.com
Les Dabney
Manager of IT Services
Mobile: 574-274-1699
Email: ldabney@alpha-imaging.com
Patricia Diemert
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.115
Email: pdiemert@alpha-imaging.com
Laura Vojtek
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.121
Email: lvojtek@alpha-imaging.com
Beth Ranallo
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.120
Email: branallo@alpha-imaging.com
Svijetlana Celan
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.112
Email: scelan@alpha-imaging.com
Jenny Meyers
Administrative Assistant
Office: 440-953-3800 ext.107
Email: jmeyers@alpha-imaging.com