Princeton Community Hospital Purchases Mobiledart

 Princeton Community Hospital Finds Ease of Use and Reliability Key to Decision to Purchase Shimadzu MobileDart Portable X-Ray System 

 Opened in 1970, Princeton Community Hospital is a 267-Bed acute care facility that has grown to become a regional leader of medical care providing high quality, cost effective health and wellness services to their southern West Virginia community. The hospital offers state of the art services including Cancer Care, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedic surgery, Women’s Health Care services, and its sophisticated Imaging Services department is equipped with the latest diagnostic digital technology.

Recently, Sherri Snead, Director of Diagnostic Imaging at Princeton identified a need for an additional portable digital x-ray system to be used for general duty around the hospital. She did her research and had vendor demonstrations performed on various portable systems. In the end, the system that was chosen was the Shimadzu MobileDart EFX with an integrated Konica XE wireless flat panel detector. “The staff preferred the Shimadzu model because it was so easy to drive and use”, Ms. Snead stated, “They especially liked the fact that the 17” monitor was integrated into the control console as opposed to being mounted on the system’s exterior”.

Other important factors that played a role in Ms. Snead’s decision was image quality, dose efficiency, and price. Princeton had already been using Konica imaging technology and the seamless addition of the new lightweight and durable Konica XE panel made perfect sense for the department. Following a trouble free integration into the hospital PACS system, images meeting the radiologist’s expectations began to flow.

The MobileDart EFX portable xray system has been #1 in its KLAS category for three years in a row. Technologists love its maneuverability, its patented “inch mover” feature which allows for easy positioning, and its wide coverage around a patient. The portable is equipped with a strong 32kW generator and its extended life drive batteries will provide uninterrupted throughput during an entire shift.

All of these mechanical specifications are integral to a Radiology manager’s decision-making process but equally important is the quality and performance of the Vendor’s sales and support team. This was a leap of faith for Ms. Snead and PCH because it was the first time they had utilized Alpha Imaging as a partner. Ms. Snead further remarked, “It was a real pleasure to work with Alpha Imaging and our Sales Representative, Elaine Wren. She listened to our needs, provided timely follow up and saw to it that the process went smoothly. Melissa (Melissa Dersham, R.T.) performed applications and our techs were trained and ready to go after she left”. Best of all, when asked if she would consider Alpha Imaging again, Ms. Snead said, “Absolutely”.

Alpha Imaging is a company that believes in making its own customers references for future business. In the case of Princeton Community Hospital, though we have met that goal in the immediate, keeping the customer satisfied and the relationship strong is what separates us from our competition.