Lake Health System Invests in G4 Technology

Lake Health Invests in Advanced G4 Technology To Do 'More With Less"

Radiology Managers all across the country are working hard these days to find innovative solutions for much needed equipment to replace their older or obsolete rooms. The challenging question confronting these managers in the brave new era of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is simply, ‘how to do more with less’?  Lake Health System, a premier healthcare delivery system located in Northeastern Ohio, found an answer to that question by installing the Sonialvision G4, a multi-functional Universal R/F System by Shimadzu Medical Systems.

“There are several ways that our hospital can justify the need for a multi-purpose room “, states Mrs. Diane Weber R.T., Director of Radiology at Lake Health, “the G4 supports our bariatric program with its 700 lb. patient table capacity, and is being utilized for a host of other types of radiography examinations.” In fact, the G4 is practically an entire Radiology department wrapped into one piece of equipment since it is ideal for General Radiography and Orthopedic studies, endoscopy, urology, and barium studies. It’s versatile table and extended SID allows for large patients and patients that are in wheelchairs and carts.
The Sonialvision G4 is also designed with the latest dose reduction technology such as grid-controlled pulsed fluoroscopy, a new collimator with Multi Beam Hardening filters, and its high quality imaging ability, as seen in its Fluoro loop acquisition capabilities, results in superb diagnostic imaging at fraction of the dose typical in other R/F systems. And, because the G4 is a remotely controlled system, the technologist and radiologist also benefit from its many dose reduction capabilities.
“A key consideration that went into our decision to invest in this equipment was the question of ongoing service and support,” states Diane, “and Alpha Imaging is a company we’ve had a long and mutually beneficial experience with”. Alpha Imaging’s factory trained engineers installed the G4 on time and the extended applications training required for the system was conducted over a 2 week period by Alpha’s Shimadzu G4-Certified Applications Specialist, Melanie Domer, R.T. 
Diane concludes, “Alpha Imaging did a great job for us, installation and apps went smoothly, and our system is performing as promised”. Alpha Imaging is a proud vendor partner of the Lake Health System. Alpha Imaging CEO, Michael Perrico adds, "Keeping promises is something that Alpha has taken seriously throughout its 30 year existence. Managing positive outcomes and protecting our customer’s ROI and trust in our company is how we have remained successful".