Lake Health's New Hybrid OR

Lake Health's New Hybrid OR Suite Brings "Operating Room of the Future" to Northeast Ohio

Shimadzu's Bransist Safire Vascular Solution Delivers Unmatched Procedure Versatility

"Hybrid" Operating Rooms (ORs) combine the surgical capabilities of traditional operating rooms with advanced interventional imaging capabilities to deliver a highly-versatile new operating room concept.  These rooms enable more advanced minimally-invasive procedures which can result in reduced infections, shorter recovery times and better overall patient outcomes.  While only approximately 100 Hybrid ORs are operational in the U.S., one is now located at Lake West Medical Center in Willoughby, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland.

“We are very excited to offer this advanced clinical service to the surrounding communities," said Vikram K. Rao, M.D., Director of Endovascular Services at Lake Health.  “This is cutting-edge technology that allows us to perform advanced endovascular procedures in a sterile environment.”

With several hundred cases already performed, awareness of the new endovascular capabilities at Lake Health is building fast.  “Our procedure volume is growing and we’re drawing patients from four counties in northeast Ohio.  The combination of new imaging technology and the expertise of our surgical staff allows us to deliver advanced treatment for a wide range of vascular conditions.”

At the heart of the new Hybrid OR is the Shimadzu Bransist Safire vascular angiography system.  This advanced imaging platform features the largest Flat Panel Detector (FPD) in its class.  Measuring 17”x17”, this direct-conversion detector delivers an increased field-of-view (FOV) and low radiation doses in all exams.  “The large detector size lets us take fewer exposures for a given area than other imaging systems.  This results in less radiation and contrast being delivered to the patient.”

In addition to excellent image quality for a wide variety of procedures, the Bransist system has many market leading features that reduce exam times and radiation dose.  “I particularly like the fluoro overlay feature for roadmapping.  It allows us to use a DSA run as our roadmap which further cuts down on radiation and contrast usage,” said Dr. Rao.  “Having experience with several other vascular imaging systems, I can say this is a “rock star” feature for Shimadzu.”

The team at Lake Health quickly became comfortable using the Bransist solution in the OR.  “There is essentially no learning curve with the new system – it’s very easy-to-use,’ according to Dr. Rao.  “The biggest change was for the nurse staff in learning some new procedural workflows.  IR nurses need to learn the subtleties of open techniques and traditional OR nurses need to learn about radiation safety.  But our new hybrid team very easily learned how to work in the new environment.”

Choosing the equipment for the new hybrid OR was a collaborative effort between departments.  “We utilized the expertise of Radiology, Vascular Surgery and Cardiology to make an informed decision.  All departments work very well together to the benefit of our patients.”

Urgent care environments like a hybrid OR demand a sense of urgency from their equipment service provider.  “Our after-sales support from Alpha Imaging has been fantastic,” according to Dr. Rao.  “They have responded very quickly to any inquiry.  It’s almost too quick – it’s that good.”

When asked how likely on a scale of one to 10 (10 being most likely) to recommend Alpha Imaging to a colleague, Dr. Rao replied “9 or 10.  Alpha Imaging has been a great partner throughout the sales and process and continues to remain an important part of our support team.”

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