Ireland Army Community Hospital

Shimadzu Radiographic Rooms with Canon DR on the Left, Right, Left and Right at Ireland Army Community Hospital in Ft. Knox, KY

The Ireland Army Community Hospital proudly serves the medical imaging needs of U.S. Army soldiers, family members, civilians and retirees around Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Now, with the help of Alpha Imaging, Shimadzu Medical Systems and Canon, they perform state-of-the-art, digital radiographic procedures faster than ever in their four new RADspeed rooms.

“There has been a dramatic improvement in exam throughput with our new Shimadzu RADspeed rooms,” said Omar Hajibrahim, M.D., Chief of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Ireland Army Community Hospital.  “We can now perform two to three times the number of radiographic exams per day than we could with our previous systems.”

The new dual panel RADspeed rooms include a Canon CXDI-70C wireless flat panel detector in the table and CXDI-401C detector in the wallstand.  The combination of these devices enables optimal image quality at low radiation dose levels in all exams.   “The image quality from the new rooms has been excellent,” according to Dr. Hajibrahim.  “Even the initial quality testing by our radiation safety officer was right on.  All standards were met without difficulty.”

Compared to CR (Computed Radiography), the RADspeed DR systems can have a dramatic impact on patient radiation exposure levels.   “We’ve seen a 50 percent reduction in radiation dose while maintaining diagnostic quality,” said Robert Rogers, R.T.(R), Lead Diagnostic Technologist at Ireland Army Community Hospital.  “Additionally, with the new DAP (Dose Area Product) meter, the dose is displayed on each image which helps raise awareness throughout the department of exposure levels.”

From initial room design, to construction, installation and clinical applications training, Alpha Imaging managed the entire project as a turnkey.  “I’ve seen one or two rooms take much longer than Alpha Imaging installed all four,” said Rogers.  “They have an experienced sales and service team who optimized the space and utility of each room while completing the project on-time and even ahead of schedule in some cases.  Everything really went seamlessly.”

Alpha Imaging’s team of dedicated clinical applications specialists also worked diligently to ensure the staff at Ireland Army was proficient in using the new radiographic rooms.  “The applications specialists were very knowledgeable and easy to work with,” according to Rogers.  “They made sure we were comfortable with each new installation and have regularly followed up to see if we have any questions.  They definitely helped us come up the learning curve quickly.”

When asked how likely (on a scale of one to 10) he would be to recommend Alpha Imaging and the Shimadzu RADspeed radiographic room to a friend or colleague, Dr. Hajibrahim replied “9 or 10.  Alpha has been very good to us throughout this process.”

About Ireland Army Community Hospital

The dedicated healthcare professionals of the United States Army Medical Department Activity (USA MEDDAC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky, work together to provide patients top quality healthcare and preventive services throughout six states (Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin).  We are proud of our healthcare system and proud to serve our nation's soldiers and families.

The hub of our activity is the Ireland Army Community Hospital (IACH) located at Fort Knox which serves the Fort Knox community with primary and specialty care providers for a population of almost 35,000 soldiers, family members, civilians and retirees.

Within Ireland Army Community Hospital's state area of responsibility, the MEDDAC serves the Active Duty population, many of whom are in isolated areas where they serve as recruiters and trainers.  To serve our troops outside the Fort Knox area, we have clinics in Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois.