Q.:How Long has Alpha Imaging Been in Business?

A: Alpha Imaging was founded by Albert D. Perrico in 1986.

Q. Where is Alpha Imaging located?

A.: Alpha Imaging is headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio (just outside Cleveland) with sales and service personnel throughout Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Q. What is Alpha Imaging’s Toll Free Phone Number?

A.: Alpha Imaging’s Toll Free Phone Number is: 1-800-331-7327

Q.: How can I email Alpha Imaging?

A.: Alpha Imaging’s general email address is :info@alpha-imaging.com

Q.: What Type of Company is Alpha Imaging?

A.: Alpha Imaging is a Distributor/Dealership of Diagnostic Imaging Equipment such as Digital and Analog X-ray Systems, Digital Mammography, Molecular Breast Imaging, Computed Tomography, Electrophysiology imaging, Bariatric and Angiographic Systems, Fluoroscopy, Mobile X-ray, PACS, CR and DR products.

Q.; What Equipment Manufacturers does Alpha Imaging Distribute For?

A.: Some of the manufacturers that Alpha Imaging distributes for include: Shimadzu Medical Systems, Hologic, Canon, Konica/Minolta, Del Medical, Neusoft Medical Systems, Omega Medical Imaging, Pausch, Infinitt North America, Sapheneia, DoseMonitor and Riverain.

Q.: Does Alpha Imaging install and/or service the equipment it sells?

A.: With a few exceptions, Alpha Imaging installs and services all of the equipment that it sells.

Q.: What territories does Alpha Imaging Cover?

A.: While it varies by manufacturer, Alpha Imaging covers sales territories that include Ohio (all products), Indiana (all products), Pennsylvania, Delaware, So. New Jersey, Kentucky, Michigan, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C.